It all started when...

I picked up the trombone in fourth grade. I've been hooked on jazz, rap and R&B ever since. Though my Journalism major lead my interests elsewhere, I never forgot my musical roots. When I made my way to New York City, I started writing for a site called iDigitalTimes (RIP). The traffic goals and story quota were high, but with the support of my editor, I wrote whatever I wanted.

I compiled monthly lists of the most anticipated albums, closely followed the release of Chance The Rapper's third mixtape (later to be Coloring Book), eagerly awaited the next Wiz and Curren$y collab, searched for clues regarding the status of the new N.E.R.D. album and looked out for the next hit from Nyck Caution and Joey Bada$$

More recently, I gained attention for documenting every song in Atlanta after each episode. I followed suit for Insecure. Most recently, I interviewed the Mr. Robot composer